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Viebig NK, D'Alessio F, Draper SJ, Sim BK, Mordmüller B, Bowyer PW, Luty AJ, Jungbluth S, Chitnis CE, Hill AV, Kremsner P, Craig AG, Kocken CH, Leroy O
Workshop report: Malaria vaccine development in Europe--preparing for the future.
Vaccine. 2015

Raja AI, Stanisic DI, Good MF
Chemical Attenuation in the Development of a Whole-Organism Malaria Vaccine.
Infection and immunity. 2016

Ouattara A, Laurens MB
Vaccines against malaria.
Clin Infect Dis. 2015

Gosling R, von Seidlein L
The Future of the RTS,S/AS01 Malaria Vaccine: An Alternative Development Plan.
PLoS medicine. 2016

Crompton PD, Pierce SK, Miller LH
Advances and challenges in malaria vaccine development.
The Journal of clinical investigation. 2010

Regules JA, Cummings JF, Ockenhouse CF
The RTS,S vaccine candidate for malaria.
Expert review of vaccines. 2011

Haque A, Good MF
Malaria vaccine research: lessons from 2008/9.
Future microbiology. 2009

Fowkes FJ, Simpson JA, Beeson JG
Implications of the licensure of a partially efficacious malaria vaccine on evaluating second-generation vaccines.
BMC medicine. 2013

Zhang DM, Pan WQ
[Research and development of malaria vaccine in China].
Zhongguo Ji Sheng Chong Xue Yu Ji Sheng Chong Bing Za Zhi. 2009

Riley EM, Stewart VA
Immune mechanisms in malaria: new insights in vaccine development.
Nature medicine. 2013

Kuna A, Gajewski M
Malaria vaccine for travellers - where are we now?
International maritime health. 2019

Greenwood B, Targett G
Do we still need a malaria vaccine?
Parasite immunology. 2009

Sadanand S
Malaria: an evaluation of the current state of research on pathogenesis and antimalarial drugs.
The Yale journal of biology and medicine. 2010

Pannu AK
Malaria today: advances in management and control.
Tropical doctor. 2019

Schwartz L, Brown GV, Genton B, Moorthy VS
A review of malaria vaccine clinical projects based on the WHO rainbow table.
Malaria journal. 2012

Teneza-Mora N, Lumsden J, Villasante E
A malaria vaccine for travelers and military personnel: Requirements and top candidates.
Vaccine. 2015

Todryk S, Bejon P
Malaria vaccine development: lessons from the field.
European journal of immunology. 2009

Vaughan AM, Wang R, Kappe SH
Genetically engineered, attenuated whole-cell vaccine approaches for malaria.
Human vaccines. 2010

Koram KA, Gyan BA
Malaria vaccine development: an endemic country perspective.
Human vaccines. 2010

O'Meara WP, Lang T
Malaria vaccine trial endpoints - bridging the gaps between trial design, public health and the next generation of vaccines.
Parasite immunology. 2009

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